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Graduate Student Directory

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Jordan Amspacher Ph.D Medieval Europe, Fourth Crusade
Kelsey Blake Ph.D Pre-modern Europe
Steven Carriger Ph.D Pre-modern Europe
Alexandra Garnhart-Bushakra Ph.D 12th-century intellectual life, Crusades, memory
Leah Giamalva Ph.D Intellectual history, Christian-Muslim relations
Stefan Hodges-Kluck Ph.D Late Antiquity
Amy Huesman Ph.D Pre-modern Europe
Spencer Hunt Ph.D. Pre-modern Europe
Kathryn Kleinkopf Ph.D Late Antiquity
Michael Lovell Ph.D. Pre-modern Europe
Jeremy Pearson Ph.D Intellectual history and Medieval Mediterranean
Brad Phillis Ph.D Medieval Flanders, Reform
Brittany Poe Ph.D Pre-modern
Laura Roesch MA Pre-modern
Jason Stubblefield Phd Pre-modern Europe
Klayton Tietjen MA Pre-modern Europe
Lydia Walker Ph.D Medieval Europe