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2013 Undergraduate Conference

Corpus: the Body in the Middle Ages and Renaissance”

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The Marco Institute for Medieval and Renaissance Studies is pleased to announce its Third Annual Undergraduate Conference entitled “Corpus: the Body in the Middle Ages and Renaissance.”  The conference will take place on April 19, 2013 at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.  We are currently calling for abstracts from interested undergraduates.

Medieval and Renaissance views of the body have come to us from a rich trove of sources, from poetic portrayals in texts to mappaemundi to figures sculpted from stone.   This conference seeks to address the numerous and changing depictions of bodies during the early periods from a range of disciplinary and interdisciplinary perspectives.   Some potential topics include holy and unholy bodies, the body as metaphor, theatrical portrayals of bodies, medieval medicine and the advent of anatomy, the body in pain and at play, superstitions and the gendered body, Byzantine, Islamic and Jewish perspectives on bodies, depictions of bodies in art and print, bodies bound by canon and secular law, and monstrous races.

All submitters should send an abstract of no more than 250 words, including their name and college affiliation (if applicable), to

Abstracts should be sent by no later than February 4, 2013.  Notification of acceptance will be sent by February 19.  We look forward to your submissions!