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Graduate Current Course Listing

The following are courses of Marco interest. Not all are guaranteed to fulfill the requirements of the Medieval and Renaissance Studies Graduate Certificate. If you have questions or concerns, please consult the Graduate Catalog or email the Marco Institute office for further information.

Spring 2023

Note: This list is currently under construction! Please visit again in the coming weeks for more updates!

MRST 510 Making Medieval Cities
Instructor: G. Kalas
TR 12:55-2:10p
CLAS 471 Medieval Latin Literature
Instructor: C. Branum-Thrash
TR 11:20a-12:35p
ENGL 513 Medieval Literature
Instructor: R. Liuzza
MW 9:45-11:00a
ENGL 521 Early Modern Poetry and the Politics of Literary Form
Instructor: A. Welch
TR 2:30-3:45
HIST 529 Hagiography and History
Instructor: F. Yirga
W 5:20-8:20
HIST 629 Seminar in Late Antique and Early Medieval History
Instructor: F. Yirga
MUCO 540 Medieval & Renaissance Music (“The Voice as Self, Sound, & Practice”)
Instructor: R. Golden
TR 11:20-12:35

Previous Marco Courses

The following are recent graduate courses offered that have been related to Marco interests.

Fall 2022

MRST 406 /
ENGL 402
Chaucer (“Love, Medieval Style”)
Instructor: L. Howes
MWF 12:40-1:30p
CLAS 435 Medieval Latin
Instructor: C. Branum Thrash
TR 11:20a-12:30p
ENGL 508 History of the English Language I
Instructor: R. Liuzza
MW 11:20a-12:35p
ENGL 630 Studies in Renaissance Literature (“Shakespeare’s Playbooks”)
Instructor: H. Hirschfeld
MW 12:55-2:10p
FREN 540 Introduction to Old and Middle French Languages
Instructor: A.-H. Miller
T 12:55-3:25
HIST 531 Topics in 15th- and 16th-Century European History
Instructor: R. Bast
R 4:05-7:05p
MFFL 550 Cooking and Eating in Medieval France and Beyond
Instructor: A.-H. Miller
W 6:00-6:50p
REST 436 Islam and the Body (Seminar)
Instructor: M. Ceballos
TR 12:55-2:10p

Spring 2022

ENGL 611 Studies in Beowulf
Instructor: R. Liuzza
Time: T/R 9:50-11:05
ENGL 621 Studies in Chaucer
Instructor: L. Howes
Time: T/R 2:50-4:05
HIST 531/631 Religious Culture in Medieval & Early Modern Europe
Instructor: R. Bast
Time: R 4:30-7:25

Spring 2021

CLAS 473/573

Latin Paleography and Book Culture II

Instructor: M. Lafferty

Time: W 3:30-6:50

ENG 513

Readings in Medieval Literature

Instructor: R. Liuzza

Time: W 9:15-11:20

ENG 631

Studies in Renaissance Literature

Instructor: A. Welch

Time: MW 2:15-4:20

HIST 529/629

A History of the Bishop of Rome

Instructor: J. Latham

Time: F 1:00-4:20

MRST 403/510

Becoming Mediterranean: Crusades and Crusading in Francophone Culture and Literature
Instructor: A. Miller
Time: M 2:15-5:35