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Marco Alumni

Marco graduates end up all over the world, and have exciting careers in fields both in and out of academia. Click on the names with links below to see what some of our Marco alumni are up to now. Alumni are listed by their graduation year.



Name Degree Department Thesis Title
Stefan Hodges-Kluck PhD History “Ascetic Bodies: Philosophical Self-Presentation in Late Antique Cappadocia”
Teresa Lopez PhD English
Sarah Moore MA English
James Stewart PhD English “Lords of Retinue: Middle English Romance and Noblemen in Need”
Jesse Stratton MA English



Name Degree Department Thesis Title
R. Scott Bevill PhD English
“Old English Manuscripts in the Early Age of Print: Matthew Parker and his Scribes”
Jake Brannum BA History
Andrew Eichel PhD English “Patristic Precedent and Vernacular Innovation: the Practice and Theory of
Anglo-Saxon Translation”
Teresa Hooper PhD English
Geoff Martin PhD History “Mozarab Readers of the Bible, from the Cordoban Martyrs to the Glossa Ordinaria”
Houston McClure MA French
Patrick Mooney MA History



Name Degree Department Thesis Title
Katherine Hodges-Kluck PhD History “The Matter of Jerusalem: The Holy Land in Angevin Court Culture and Identity, c. 1154-1216”
Thomas Lecaque PhD History “The Count of Saint-Gilles and the Saints of the Apocalype: Occitanian Culture and Piety in the Time of the First Crusade”



Name Degree Department Thesis Title
Joshua Durbin PhD History
Tricia George PhD English
Sara Gottardi MA MFLL – Spanish
Matthew Monk BA History,
Medieval & Renaissance Studies
Virginia Stormer PhD English “A Mirror for Spectators: The Dramaturgy of Participation and Unreliable Mirror Figures in Sixteenth-Century Drama”



Name Degree Department Thesis Title
Evan Elkins MA History
T. Christopher Lawrence PhD History “Crisis of Legitimacy: Honorius, Galla Placidia, and the Struggles for Control of the Western Roman Empire, 405 – 425 C.E.”
Anthony Minnema PhD History
Travis Shockley MA History



Name Degree Department Thesis Title
Will Biel MA English
Jenny Bledsoe BA English Lit, Religious Studies; Minors in Latin & History
Miguel Gomez PhD History Las Navas de Tolosa: The Practice and Culture of Crusade in Medieval Iberia




Name Degree Department Thesis Title
Jonathan Allen MA History
Timothy Duis MA History
Gabriel Fidler MA History
Brad Pardue PhD History




Name Degree Department Thesis Title
Allison Elledge MA History

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