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International Congress on Medieval Studies

Marco at Kalamazoo:  Problems and Progress in Ongoing Manuscript Studies
May 13-16, 2010
Western Michigan University
Kalamazoo, MI

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The Marco Institute for Medieval and Renaissance Studies is soliciting abstracts for a session focused on manuscript study and featuring research in progress.  The session is to be held at the 45th International Congress on Medieval Studies in Kalamazoo, Michigan on May 13th-16th, 2010.  Since the Marco Institute is dedicated to providing opportunities for the scholarly community to converse with one another about research in progress, we would like to bring this format to a wider audience at Kalamazoo. Our goal is for each presenter to introduce a single, specific problem in their ongoing manuscript studies, explain their goals and critical approach to their problem, and then discuss them with one another and the audience. We are specifically looking for papers showcasing ongoing paleographic research rather than completed, polished research; the ultimate goal is to show how exchanging ideas across disciplinary boundaries enriches our understanding of manuscript studies.  We therefore welcome submissions on any topic of paleography and codicology as well as a broad range of  research areas, languages, and time periods.

The goals of the session require some alteration of the customary format.  Each of the three selected presenters will give a fifteen minute overview of their research in progress and then have a further fifteen minutes of discussion time to maximize interaction with the other panel members and the audience. Since presentation time is compressed and we would like the audience to be informed as possible on the projects, we would also make the text of each presentation and other pertinent information available for reading on the Marco website sometime before the Congress.

Applicants should send their submission forms and 300-word abstracts detailing their proposals to the Marco Institute by September 15th; full instructions can be found on the Congress website at  Paper or faxed submissions are welcome, but electronic submissions by e-mail are preferred.

For electronic submissions or any other questions, please contact Teresa Hooper at  Paper submissions should be addressed to:

Teresa M. Hooper
Univ. of Tennessee–Knoxville
301 McClung Tower
Knoxville, TN 37996-0430
Phone: 865-974-1859
Fax: 865-974-6926

Marco Faculty and Graduate Students at the 2010 International Congress on Medieval Studies

  • Friday, May 14, 8:30 a.m.
    Marco Professor Tom Burman (Department Head, History) will be delivering a plenary lecture at Kalamazoo entitled “Why Were Latin Qur’ans Produced in Christian Spain but Never Read There?  Reflections on Spanish-Christian Culture during the Long Twelfth Century”
  • Session 470, Saturday at 1:30 pm, Schneider 1360
    Marco Postdoctoral Research Fellow Joshua A. Westgard will present at the session, “Beyond Bede I: The Continent.”  His paper is titled, “Reading Bede’s History in Continental Europe.”
  • Session 463, Saturday at 1:30 pm
    Marco graduate student Teresa Hooper (PhD Candidate in English) will present in the ISAS sponsored session titled “New Voices in Anglo-Saxon Studies I.” Her paper is titled, “The Making of a Monastery: Fashioning the Legacy of Bury St. Edmunds in Oxford, Corpus Christi College MS 197.”
  • Session 532, Saturday at 3:30, Bernhard Brown and Gold Room
    Marco professor Gregor Kalas (College of Architecture & Design) will chair the session “Sites of Veneration:  Spurring New Devotion,” sponsored by the Italian Art Society.
  • Session 532, Saturday at 3:30, Bernhard Brown and Gold Room
    Marco professor Maura Lafferty (Classics) will present at the session “Sites of Veneration:  Spurring New Devotion,” sponsored by the Italian Art Society.  Dr. Lafferty’s paper is entitled, “Speaking to the Martyrs of Rome in the Early Middle Ages.”
  • Session 501, Saturday at 3:30, Fetzer 2020
    Marco graduate student Miguel Gomez (PhD Candidate in History) will present on a panel about the reconquista titled “The Dynamics of the Castilian-Leonese Reconquest,” sponsored by the Texas Medieval Assoc.  His paper is entitled, “Las Navas de Tolosa through the diplomatic evidence.”
  • Session 578, Sunday at 10:30 am, Fetzer 1055
    Marco Professor Roy Liuzza (English) will chair a special Marco-sponsored session called “Problems and Progress in Ongoing Manuscript Studies.”  The organizer is Marco graduate student Teresa Hooper (PhD Candidate in English).  The following speakers (two of whom are Marco graduate students) will present:

    • “Rethinking the Textual Tradition of the Itinerarium peregrinorum”
      Sean R. Williams, Univ. of Tennessee–Knoxville
    • “Dog’s Tongues and Englishmen: A Scribble in an Eighth-Century Anglo-Saxon Book”
      Matthew T. Hussey, Simon Fraser Univ.
    • “Rethinking a Fourteenth-Century “Miscellany” on the Church’s Internal and External Enemies”
      Leah Giamalva, Univ. of Tennessee–Knoxville