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Andrea Stedman is the dedicated professional Advisor for the Interdisciplinary Medieval and Renaissance studies (MRST) program. To prepare for your appointment, please review your DARS report/catalog and have a list of courses you are interested in, as well as questions for your appointment. 

MRST studies (primary majors): required advising (every semester until you reach 30 credit hours, then every other semester; if your ID number ends in an odd digit, your advising is in the spring; for even numbers, it is in the fall). 

MRST studies (minors, second majors, third majors etc.): Please use this link to schedule and discuss course availability, studying abroad, and future goals with Medieval and Renaissance Studies. 

For study abroad advising:

Start with this link to see our process. You can make a preliminary appointment with Andrea here. For specific course approvals for the MRST studies major/minor, you will need to make an appointment with your Faculty mentor. You can find their contact information on Vol Academic Connect under “My Success Team” towards the bottom right side of the page. If you do not have a Faculty Mentor, or have not yet declared the major/minor, you can contact Andrea via email (