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Haslam Dissertation Fellowship

The Haslam Dissertation Fellowship is a non-service fellowship, tenurable in the academic year, from August 1 to July 31, in the amount of $17,000, as well as fee waiver and benefits. The recipient will be an ABD graduate student working in a Marco field. The recipient will be expected to devote the full academic year to research on his or her doctoral dissertation, either in residence in Knoxville or on research-related travel approved by the recipient’s dissertation supervisor.

Current and Past Recipients

Brittany Poe (History), “Beyond Paris: Alan of Lille and the Reception of Scholasticism in Iberia and Occitania”

Katie Kleinkopf (History), “Second Skin: Ascetics as Body-Places in Late Antique Christianity”


James Stewart (English), “Middle English Romance and the Nobleman in Need”


Stefan Hodges-Kluck (History), “Paideia, the Body, and the Forging of Religious Identity in Late Antiquity”


Thomas Lecaque (History), “The Count of Saint-Gilles and the Saints of the Apocalypse:

Occitanian Culture and Piety in the Time of the First Crusade”


Katie Hodges-Kluck (History), “The Matter of Jerusalem: The Holy Land in Angevin Court Culture and Identity, ca. 1154-1216”


Leah Giamalva (History), “Islam and Sacred History in Latin Manuscript Culture, 1291-1460”


Megan Holmes Worth (History), “’To Write about Kings’: The Creation of Kingship in Outremer”


Miguel Gomez (History), “The Battle of Las Navas: Religious Pluralism, Practice, and the Culture of Crusading in Medieval Spain”


Christopher Lawrence (History), “The Circle of Aetius and the Fall of the Western Roman Empire”

Information for Applicants for the 2019-2020 Fellowship

Please submit the following materials electronically to Marco’s Program Coordinator at

  • A dissertation abstract (up to and no more than 3 pages)
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Research plan: The research plan should address precisely where in the process of researching and writing the dissertation the applicant is, the expected date of completion, and how the project fits into or challenges current scholarship in the field.
  • Two letters of support, one from the dissertation supervisor

Deadline: February 15, 2019.

Review of applications will be undertaken by the Institute’s standing Awards Committee and the results will be announced in March 2019.