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Brittany Poe



Brittany’s dissertation, "Beyond Paris: Alan of Lille and the Reception of Scholastic Theology in Occitinia and Iberia, 1150-1300," traces the development and reception of Alan of Lille’s theological program as he moved from the schools in Paris to southern France in late-twelfth century. She argues that Alan’s theological program, while informed by the developing Scholastic method of the nascent university in Paris, was greatly shaped by the unique concerns he faced in the multiconfessional environment of Occitania. Further, she argues that it was his ability to adapt to this religious milieu by deploying a number of rhetorical and logical strategies that allowed his theology to thrive in Iberia. She is advised by Dr. Tom Burman. 

Brittany received her B.A. in History and Religious Studies from Purdue University in 2011 and her M.A. in Medieval Studies (Concentrations: History and Theology) from Fordham University in 2013. She has served as a teaching assistant in the Department of History, as well as the graduate representative for the Marco Institute in the Graduate Student Senate and as the graduate representative on the Marco Steering Committee. She is currently a Graduate Fellow at the University of Tennessee's Humanities Center.

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